SensorApps is the flexible and customizable it4e solution for process data acquisition and control. SensorApps comprises modular hard- and software components which we can offer as cost-saving standard package or compose individual configurations adjusted to special customer demands. SensorApps users get direct access to their process data from everywhere in the world by mobile internet applications.
The acquisition and control of process data is realized by a control unit. By analog or digital interfaces, sensors and devices can be connected directly to the control unit. Alternatively, by using industry-established interfaces (ProFiNet, CAN-Bus, ...), the data can be transmitted via an existing network.

The measurement and control data can be stored directly on the control unit and be transmitted via the in-house network or the worldwide internet on the end devices. Alternatively, the data can be stored on a cloud server from where they are further processed.

For the storage and processing of data in the cloud we use the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) of our partner Deutsche Telekom. The OTC offers the highest safety and data protection directives in the industry sector. The advantages of using the cloud are scalability (storage space for data, computing power for the data processing) as well as high availability and failure safety of the system.